I signed up for Lazy Poster! But what’s next?

Create listings, but not just your normal amount.

Use the software to its full potential. Use it as your favorite employee who will post as much as you want without complaining that their fingers are tired, or that they have calls coming in, or that they need to meet with customers.

If you only have 10 listings. That’s OK. Slowly start adding more overtime. You can create multiple listings of the same product by just using a different photo. So if you have 25 products that you want to post eventually you can turn them into 100 posts.

This is how you gain authority in your hometown. Every time someone searches for a product they should see yours!! This is not the time to pretend to be humble. Show your customers that YOU are the one they want to visit. You are the one they want to message because they see you everywhere.

Do not let this step overwhelm you. Start slow. Create your original listings and over time just create more whenever you have the chance.

Optimizing online presence and authority with Lazy Poster

Optimizing online presence and authority with Lazy Poster

Next, create a posting schedule.

What is your posting strategy ? Those days of once a week renewing or delete/relist are over guys c’mon. Your account should be posting at a minimum of 2-3 days a week.

And the cherry on top is that you have the ability to post your listings to multiple profiles. So at the minimum you should be posting from your account 2-3 days a week, as well as one other person (spouse, business partner, employee).

Follow these two simple steps and become a posting rockstar! Steer those leads and customers your way! You have a great product, you offer great customer service, they just need to see you!

Take advantage of these free marketplace where they are already looking to spend that cash!!

And as always..

Stay lazy friends.