How To Control Your Posting Computer(s) Remotely

The scenario is common, most of you have your posting computer at your store or office right?

Maybe you’re taking a vacation but still need to keep the ads running?

Download a free program called Anydesk.

After it is downloaded, in the far right corner there are 4 lines, click them, then select Set Password.

After you’ve created your password, save the 10 digit Anydesk ID from that computer and password somewhere safe but accessible.

posting computer

Posting computer

You will now be able to login from any computer, anywhere in the world, simply by downloading Anydesk and entering the ID and password of your posting computer.

So now while you’re home early in the morning, or if you want to get them running later in the evening or at night.. you can log into your posting computer that’s at the office and start running the ads!

Get a step in front of the competition and let your customers know you have exactly what they are looking for!