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Save Money

How much would you spend paying someone to post your ads daily? Weekly?

Save Money

How far would $50 take you if you we’re paying someone else to post your ads?
would it last all month?

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Increased Visibility

Enjoy the opportunity to post all of your ads daily or as often as you want.

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we have a new feature.

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Increase your hustle muscle without doing any extra work!


Made by sellers, for sellers!
Spanning a wide variety of niches!
Take your marketing to the next level!
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what does it do?

Posts everything

not just the ads you had time for.

Improves sales

Posting more in less time
over and over again.

Budget Friendly

Cheaper than any employee you’ll every have!

Solidify your brand

You will become the “hometown hero” in your area

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if you have any problems let Us know!


What will you do with all your new free time?

Looking to increase productivity?

It’s a no-brainer. When it comes to Facebook Marketplace bulk ad posting, or even OfferUp ad posting, you need the proper marketplace automation tools! Why waste time repeatedly twiddling your fingers to post several ads as fast as you can when you can just use our bulk ad posting software? Posting is a never-ending task. No matter how well you did it yesterday, you will always have to do it again. There are a million better things you can be doing for your business besides posting, but it needs to be done. Make sure you have the right team in your corner! Make sure you’re rocking with The Lazy Poster!





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  • only $10 the first month!!!
  • Automated Facebook marketplace Posting
  • No-Contract
  • free Setup!
  • Import / Export
  • Control Timer between ads
  • activate shipping
  • Lifetime updates
  • *****just added*****
  • OfferUp Posting

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  • For The Whole Year! = 3 Months FREE!
  • Automated Facebook Marketplace Posting
  • No-Contract
  • Free Setup!
  • Import / Export
  • Control Timer Between Ads​​
  • activate shipping
  • Lifetime updates
  • *****just added*****
  • OfferUp Posting

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Lazy Poster.

It is one the cheapest and most efficient tools for posting ads to take advantage of FB Marketplace & OfferUp where your customers are already shopping.

Cheaper than Facebook Ads, cheaper than Google Ads, and it places your products directly in front of the person looking for it.

If you are manually posting than you have to repeatedly spend hours a day posting from your phone, computer or you need to pay someone $100s weekly or even daily to post for you in order to stay noticed in the marketplace and bring traffic into your store. Or, even worse.. you’re barely posting and your traffic and sales reflect that.

It is the most loyal employee you’ll ever have, for a fraction of the price!

Yes we have personally used this software for years in our other ventures. We love e-commerce and are continually looking for the advantage in todays crowded marketplace.

This is ideal for anyone with many items for sale. Whether it’s electronics, furniture, books, collectibles, antiques, clothes, shoes, bikes, tools, etc. the list goes on!

The standard setup is usually a Windows computer with at least 4 gb ram. We also suggest using a dedicated computer that you will not need to use during the posting period.

You will receive a login to the software which will allow you to automate your ad posting for all items in the Facebook Marketplace Items for Sale section. It will not include Cars for Sale, or Houses for Sale. We have also just added support to automate your posting in the OfferUp marketplace!

Yes! We made sure to make this as user friendly as possible and still include all the needed features. We have tutorial videos, PDF instructions, and we set it up for you and do a test post during onboard!

This is as simple as it gets. No contracts, no hidden fees. Pay as you go from month to month or enjoy a sweet discount for paying in advance! Cancel at anytime. If you do cancel in the middle of a billing period, your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period you’ve paid for. There are no refunds.

What People Say


Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what some of the legends below say about The Lazy Poster. Then go ahead and enjoy your free trial!

“I was able to start getting better deals from my suppliers due my demand increasing from sales and how much faster I was getting rid of my inventory.. thank you!”
“I’m killing the shoe game on Facebook!!”
“This software is so great for accessories I sell a ton of jewelry and now it doesn’t take all morning!”
“Posting 100 items a day just became easy whhaaaa!”

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